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How to Create an In-House Litigation Readiness Protocol

webinar-part-4 July 30, 2013—

In this In-House Litigation Readiness Protocol webinar, Todd Roeller talks about establishing your protocol and the do’s and dont’s of e-discovery collections. One of our clients had spent $40 million in discovery on a particular case before contacting… [Continue Reading]

Creating a Unified Records Management Program

records June 13, 2013—

A multinational company was required to submit to annual in-depth IRS audits because of their poor records management practices.  The corporate board identified the lack of a unified records management program across all units as a risk, and required the company… [Continue Reading]

A Department of Justice Subpoena for Insider Trading…

handcuffs May 6, 2012—

The general counsel of a US corporation was issued a subpoena to appear in court and provide evidence from corporate computers regarding a massive insider trading investigation.  The investigation reportedly focused on “expert networks” —… [Continue Reading]

eDiscovery Protocol – Consulting Services

eyeball April 6, 2012—

A US-based company fortune 500 company had recently been forced to restate earnings from a prior year due to some inconsistencies in their published financial reports.  As a result they saw a drop in their company stock price and were immediately hit by several large… [Continue Reading]