Who we are

Experienced Legal Discovery Experts

I started Litigation Readiness Group, LLC in Dallas, Texas in early 2012.  Previously, I worked at Flowserve Corporation in Irving, Texas more than 20 years. I filled roles in information technology and the corporate legal department on our litigation team.

Our company culture and practices are founded on my experience with legal discovery projects for almost two decades.

Litigation Readiness Group was developed to assist attorneys at US companies and law firms with legal discovery for complex litigation projects. Discovery today is mostly focused on email, and other information that is stored in computer systems and mobile phones. The discovery of digital information is not taught in most law schools. There are legal nuisances that are not understood by many technology people who support their company computer systems.

These projects require people who are both proficient in technology and the legal requirements and ramifications for handling evidence. Legal discovery is managed using sophisticated software that has many complex features. Setting up the review of documents for the trial team is a technology project commonly handled by legal technology specialists. Many of the very large law firms have in-house technology resources that support their own attorneys on technology projects. Medium-sized and small boutique firms use legal support companies like Litigation Readiness Group to handle the technology aspects of litigation.

What We Do

Highly Efficient Legal Discoery

We offer end-to-end, fixed-cost service packages as our hallmark service to handle all your legal discovery projects, including your paper. Our packages are designed to align your best interests with our best interests, meaning we want what you want. We provide a level of expertise and efficiency that truly has no equal in our industry.

At Litigation Readiness Group, we treat you the way we would want to be treated if our roles were reversed. You get an honest, straight-forward, single-source for end-to-end legal discovery. We use a simple three-step process covering all necessary aspects to complete your production, with the exception of your outside counsel review. We work in concert with you and your selected law firm. Your information is completely coded, so the attorney review is effective, limited, and to the point. You will be delighted with a significant reduction in manual review. You get a legally defensible, best practice, reasonable, good-faith, and proportional effort for your required document productions. You receive this for a fixed-fee that can be forecasted with precision early in the process. You are provided informational reports that allow you to make informed decisions and mitigate your risks without sending all your information through expensive review protocols.

You have my word, Nobody does it better!