Your Benefits

LitReadi can support your specific needs through a combination of its professional services and its best-in-breed legal review technology. LitReadi services span the entire litigation lifecycle to provide your organization a simple, efficient, three-step process. From pre-litigation discovery planning and litigation hold measures to search, review, and production, LitReadi can help you satisfy your discovery obligations, while enabling you to more effectively prepare your matter for summary judgment, settlement, or trial.

All that with a simple fixed-fee for everything. This is our hallmark!


You want someone who can consult and advise from the very beginning. We meet with you in the planning stages to ensure a successful project. You get a team effort where every aspect is clear and well-defined.

Custodian Interviews

To be efficient and productive we interview the data custodians before our data collection. While we are gathering the necessary information, we strive to be minimally evasive on your client's normal business operations.

Document Collections

You will get the very best experienced experts to collect and protect your client information. Their data will be collected with a forensic standard and protected in encrypted containers for off-site transport.

Information Evaluations

The case collection is evaluated to make sure we have all necessary items and so we can provide you an accurate, detailed assessment of your project. You get the vital stats so you can see the future.

Relevance & Issue Tags

Your client's evidence is stored on their systems with many documents that are not relevant to your case. At your option, we can provide a first-pass evaluation of the collected documents for relevance and code the relevant items by issues, so you can efficiently focus on only the vital documents.

Document Production

You know document productions can take many forms. We advise on the benefits and consequences of each. You will be well informed when you negotiate the production format with opposing counsel. We take care of the details so you will have confidence the document production is marked and delivered as agreed.

Review Technology

Includes: Relativity, Catalyst, iPro Eclipse, Law, Clearwell, CloudNine, Concordance, Encase Discovery, EMC Kazeon, Indexed I/O, Nuix, Ringtail, SummationPro, X1 and many others.

Idea Sharing

We have nearly two decades of experience to help you with your matter. Perhaps we have experience in an particular area where you might benefit from a new idea. We gladly share what we know.

Forensics & Social Media

Sometimes the evidence you need is not in email or documents. We can find the supporting evidence no matter where it exists.

What Our Existing Clients Are Experiencing...

"I had no idea just how beneficial your services could be until I saw for myself the results. It was so easy to understand the information and to sort through the details using your report. I was so amazed with your work! You not only met the requirements of our native file production but your reports for us to use went above and beyond my expectation." Founding Partner - Dallas Law Firm